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The Exec Breakthrough Game

Rock your world in 90 days: work less, play more.

Your ability to make things happen doesn't only bring business success: it's the key to living a happier, more fulfilling life. 17 years in the making, The Exec Breakthrough Game series of 'virtual coaching intensives' shows you how to design and execute breakthrough strategies to get what you want at work and create the life that you deserve. Join a free Introduction or register for a program - and start rocking your world right now.

What Clients Say

"I'd recommend playing The Breakthrough Game if you need to rapidly focus your group to achieve extraordinary results. We have seen a steady improvement in our business output, both as a group and as individuals, with a palpable shift in the culture: the silos have come down; people have noble intent. We are hitting our goals, without people being left dead on the side of the road. A big result!

I have read all the books but cannot imagine getting the results we achieved had I done this on my own. Playing the Game was incredibly challenging: it definitely felt like changing a jet engine in mid-air! But with Caitlin as a coach, I always felt supported. It was always clear there was a master plan. It taught me to really expect and embrace the chaos that inevitably precedes a genuine breakthrough.

This process is for leaders willing to trust their gut and try something that has a different feel to the million cookie-cutter leadership and management methodologies that are out there."

David Schenkein

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