The Exec Breakthrough Game (Public)

The Exec Breakthrough Game (Public)

'Leadership is the X factor that determines the results you produce'. That's the fundamental premise of the Exec Breakthrough Game. A far cry from stuffy, theoretical leadership programs that add more hours to your workweek, the Game inserts itself into your existing schedule. How does it do that? Well, since you're already focused at work on producing specific business results, it shows you how to do that more effectively, using your actual business goals as the focal point of the program. How to produce spectacular results, given limited time and resources, is what the Game is all about

Event description
The Exec Breakthrough Game focuses exclusively on producing hard-edged business results. It works whether you are employed by a large organization or a small one, employ others, work for yourself or want to work for yourself.

The Game is all about 'applied leadership': it takes key leadership distinctions, translates them into practical tools and shows you how to use them to get the results you need.

The 90-day program comprises 2 key elements:

  • 14 interactive coaching classes - one each week (usually at the same time every week). Each Exec Game class lasts 2 hours
  • Weekly assignments (determined by you) to be completed on a weekly basis. (95% of assignments are practical, i.e. directly related to the production of your specific breakthrough business goal.)

The Exec Breakthrough Game will show you how to close the gap that exists between the business results you seek and the reality you currently face. If you're not clear which goal will make the biggest difference to your business, the Game will help you to get clear. If you're clear what the goal is, but have no idea how to hit it, that makes you a perfect candidate for the program.

If you're already on track to hit your goal, the Game won't add any value. But if the goal you seek is a genuine breakthrough goal, by definition you won't know how to achieve it. That's where the Game comes in. If the goal you're after is crucial and your probability of success is less than 95%, the Game will add enormous value. Regardless of how many leadership books they've read or programs they've attended, thousands of executives agree that the Game showed them how to apply what they knew in a powerful way.

'I've done a lot of work on myself. Give me the bottom line: what's the real value-add here?' One word: implementation. There are only two types of issues that exist in the world: there's either something you want that you don't have, or something you do have that you don't want. The gap between what you want and what you have is closed by successfully implementing a breakthrough strategy to close the gap. The Game shows you how to create and implement such a strategy.

All public Exec Breakthrough Games happen virtually. You will meet online with your group and breakthrough coach, Caitlin Miller, using multi-point videoconference technology. If you are interested in creating a private Exec Breakthrough Game, please click here

Program duration
The program runs for 90 days (14 weeks) weeks in total.

Program timing
Exec programs usually take place during office hours (PST). The calendaring of Exec Games is determined by participants: Exec groups are scheduled based on participant preferences. So, when you pre-register, please make it clear which days and times do work for you – and which don’t. (It may even be possible to run a program after office hours or on a Saturday morning PST if there is similar demand from other participants.)

Technology requirements

  • DSL connection (or better)
  • Webcam
  • Videoconference is accessible by both Mac and PC
  • Phone line - preferably a landline, not cell

Program fee
$4,500, subject to any possible special offers that may be extended to participants playing for the first time.

Group size
4-8 people is the usual size of a Public Exec Game

Registration for Public Exec Breakthrough Game involves 2 phases: Pre-Registration and Actual Registration.

Step 1: Pre-Registration for a Public Exec Game
If you'd like to join an upcoming Exec Game, simply contact us. (You will not be asked to pay a registration fee until it is time for you to actually register.) Caitlin will contact you to speak to you for a few minutes and assess what kind of breakthrough you are looking to produce, your current situation and preferences. This will enable her to include you in an appropriate peer group.

Once we are in receipt of your registration form, Caitlin will contact you to speak to you for a few minutes and assess what kind of breakthrough you are looking to produce, your current situation and preferences. This will enable her to include you in an appropriate peer group.

Step 2: Actual Registration for a Public Exec Game
We will contact you to let you know we have a group ready to launch at a time that suits your schedule and invite you to officially register and pay at that time. Once we have a quorum for one of your preferred times and dates, we will launch the next group. If you cannot join that group, we will keep you on our waiting list and keep you informed of future programs that match your availability.

What Clients Say

"What I found most valuable was the insight into myself as a leader and a person. The Game pushed me to places I had not been before. I thought I was a great leader at the beginning of the project, but by the time we had finished, my leadership skills were at a whole new level."

D Schenkein

"When I hung up the phone, I was in a state of shock. I'd just agreed to do something that was vital to my business growth, yet totally unreasonable to accomplish in only 90 days. To top it off - I had no extra time in my already over-flowing schedule.

It all started when leadership coach Caitlin Miller invited me to participate in The Exec Breakthrough Game. When it came time to identify my goal, she insisted that I select one that was the "other side of possible."

So, with a great deal of angst and a bit of excitement, I committed to increase my database by 50% in three months.

Was I crazy? Perhaps. But trying to pull this off in such a short time frame was a challenge I couldn't resist.

Most of us are used to dealing with incremental goals. Our quota goes up 15% each year. We decide that we'd like to earn 10% more money. We'd want to increase our closing ratio by 5%.

These small increases keep us thinking and acting small. We commit to making one extra call each day. We focus on working harder. Perhaps we even think about working smarter.

But the reality of it is, incremental goals feel like a burden. They don't inspire us to greater heights. Mostly, they just wear us down as we face a never-ending cycle of doing more, more, more.

When we set unreachable goals that require us to stretch beyond what we think we're capable of achieving, we're forced to consider new options.

Take my situation: It took me seven years to build by database to its current size. Now I needed to increase it by 50% in a totally unrealistic timeframe. Clearly, my normal modus operandi wouldn't work.

New ideas start to pop up - ones you may never have considered before. Some will be good. Others will be lousy or off-the-wall, but they may be just what you need to spark the next great idea.

Jill Konrath
Author of 'Selling To Big Companies'

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